If you need a copy of the latest Mirc, you can get one FREE here: Latest Mirc

To add the Premieretrader.net access to Mirc:

Go to File-->Select Server.... The following window will pop up:

Click the "ADD" button on the right hand side of the window and enter the following information:

After you have added the server and hit "OK" it should appear in the IRC server list under "premieretrader.net", find it on the list and double click it.

This will take you to the connect page where you can enter your fullname, nickname, email (real or fake doesnt matter),and hit "CONNECT TO SERVER".

When you connect, the room "internetplays.com" will open by default, you can choose to leave this open along side of PremiereTrader.net chat or you can close it.

There are two ways to get to our channel. The first is to go to TOOLS--->CHANNEL LIST--->GET LIST!--->double click #premieretrader. The second way is by typing /join #premieretrader at the command prompt in the status window as shown in the example below:

If you are still having problems, go through our Java based chat and someone can help you through on Mirc in person.